Tuesday, August 7, 2012

First week of August

While its been 2 weeks since my last inspection, I just wasn't feeling up to tearing into the hives.  My party drained me and its taking a bit to bounce back.  Also cleanup is much less fun than the party.  I did walk by and see plenty of activity from the hives so I wan't incredibly worried.  Also to make me feel alot better Swarm 1 made me feel incredibly encouraged.  Take a look at who's returning from her mating flight, she missed the door but at least I know this swarm has a queen, now to wait and see if she's well mated or if they supersede her.

I did watch her for about 20 minutes and she finally decided she'd had enough hanging around and high tailed it indoors.  For as big as she is she can really move, I tried to get photos of her moving inside but when she decided it was time to go bam she was off and before I could get her in focus she was inside.

On the 8th I'll do a full inspection of all 3 hives and the 2 nucs with photos of each.  Plus that'll give me some time to get the hardware put together and painted.